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How It All Began

Ray Heffernan is a skilled Photographer that is passionate about capturing incredible imagery fired by his curiosity.  The same curiosity that has driven his life from a kid on a farm in rural Canada to his varied and eclectic career.  Ray studied broadcasting at Loyalist College and began working in Journalism, Announcing, interviewing recording artists for promotional material, and post production for TV and Film. He moved on to the corporate world, where he wrote software, planned the global production of specialized product line for one Fortune 500 corporation and was a regional HR Manager for another.  Leaving this world a better place than you found it is important to Ray so he entered politics, using his experience, working to improve the educational experience for children with learning disabilities and other cognitive impairments, international adoption, humanitarian initiatives and international legislation development.  Where does the photography come in to the picture (pun completely intended)?

Ray has always taken pictures documenting his life, but Ray Heffernan Photography began honestly by accident!  In 2007, Ray had a life changing automobile accident, and it took years of physical rehabilitation and over 20 operations to rebuild him.  It was during this rehabilitation time that Ray found himself in Ireland, fascinated by its people and its amazing landscapes. He couldn't walk very far but he could drive, and so he set out exploring the Irish countryside and taking pictures.  Reapplying the fundamentals that make a great photograph: light, shadows, composition and emotion, with the skills he acquired as a journalist, in broadcasting school, doing CGI and doing post production for TV and film to his images of Ireland, Ray's creativity began to flow.  As with anything today, Ray's images began to gain traction on social media.  Seemingly overnight Ray was taking images of people, places and things all over North America and Europe as well as working freelance for a major European newspaper.  

Today, Ray resides in Canada along the majestic St. Lawrence River where he has a studio.  He still loves to travel and capture the beauty of this world, but he has expanded more of his attention to the human part of that beauty.  Having raised 6 children with his wife, Connie, family is a priority.  He understands how important Family pictures are to each of us, be it Full extended family images, engagement,  weddings, maternity and baby pictures, or capturing anniversaries and other special events. Earning an income is imperative to caring for those families, so he also provides corporate and artist headshots, product image creation, live concert images and corporate event services.  Ray has extensive experience in the Fashion, Fitness and Boudoir segments of the industry, bringing your inner beauty to the forefront regardless of gender, race or ability. 

"Everyone is beautiful. It's my job to help the world see it!"  - Ray Heffernan


As your chosen Photographer, Ray Heffernan will capture your poignant, and sometimes crazy, life moments with creative twists that will remain timeless. We offer a personal service for clients who appreciate close, hands-on assistance.

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